March 15, 1977

VS: You hear that? She said she was worried about not having anything to say to him. That’s what you say when you don’t have a blank mind. That’s an attitude and as long as you have an attitude you are not going to let anything but an attitude come out. Attitudes. Attitudes. Of course it’s easier said than done. But your focus is not on “What am I going to say?” What is your focus?

Player: Reading a story and having a conversation with him.

VS: And hearing him, What am I going to say? And as long as you are so careful about what you are going to say, you are going to do everything that is nice, approval/disapproval … and you will never go beyond that little tape of Mama, Papa. You will lead a life of imitation and repetition. Don’t worry about all of this. You are smarter/wiser, than you know. If you will allow yourself to go into that location. As long as you are worried about knowing everything, you are going to know zero…

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