A young farmer's desperate attempt to save his sister casts their lives into an adventure of escape to new lands pursued by the Spanish Inquisition. It happens the same day Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain to the New World, and is also the very day beginning the Jewish Diaspora.

August 3, 1492, the Ninth of Av, the final moment to comply with the King of Spain's edict to expel all non-Catholics, under pain of death. The date is burned in world history as the ports of Spain teem with escaping Jewish and Muslim families. Just who was on that boat when it left the Spanish port of Palos de la Frontera?

The Canary Connection, is an historical novel that unfolds during this intriguing concurrence in the 15th century. The lives of the escapees, Dante and Revela, entwine with key players of this archival moment. World characters, kings, queens, women and men, players of consequence and vision, are presented with distinctive personalities and unique motivations bringing to life events that will revolutionize the world.